23 Funny Fast Food Fails

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I have a love hate relationship with fast food — when it’s made right it’s so convenient and tasty, which makes me love it. However, I almost always find myself bringing back my order to be fixed, and this of coarse is where the hate comes in. When your order gets messed up it is not funny, but when it happens to other people, well it’s quite humorous. Get your laugh on to these 23 times fast food was an epic fail.

I didn’t know BK sold Veggie sliders.

You did say EXTRA pickles, right?

Mild, Medium, Hot or Floor cleaner?

Nothing like a burnt breakfast sandwich to start my day.

Who needs the full bun anyway?

Whoa, now that’s a lot of lettuce!

Invisible McRib sandwich.

Was there a blindfold involved in making this Mexican Pizza?

Sure, I would love some raw onion thrown in my chili.

When you really think you’re about to enjoy some good fast food.

Chicken nugget sandwich — hidden menu item.

Half off wraps!

Where’s the beef?

Threw a little something extra in there for you.

Going to work after smoking a joint.

23 Funny Fast Food Fails

Smooth move taco bell.

I love knowing when my pancakes are due to expire.

The Anus burger from Burger King.

Another beef patty missing.

A little raw chicken never hurt anyone, said no one ever.

Mcdonald’s pancakes and bacon — goodmorning!

For once in my life — I’m gonna say no thanks to fries…

When you put the person in training back in the kitchen.

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