11 White Elephant Gifts That Will Bring Laughs To Everyone

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If you’re looking for the perfect humorous gift, look no further than these 11 White Elephant Gifts That Will Bring Laughs To Everyone!

My Pen Is Huge

Description: Yes but your maturity is small, so it balances out. {buy here}

The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

Description: Fire up your grill, suit up, and proceed with operation picnic party! You sure to lead your party troops to a summer of fun in the fully-loaded Grill Sergeant Apron. {buy here}

Recycle Bin Coffee Mug

11 White Elephant Gifts That Will Bring Laughs To Everyone
Description: A funny 8 oz. coffee cup with the novelty design of a blue recycling bin. The perfect unique gift for any office clown, this silly mug is made of ceramic and has a fun look that will make anyone smile! Get your coworkers laughing with one of these funny coffee mugs. {buy here}

Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow

DescriptionThis pillow is very fun and addicting to play with, it can be a fun / unique gift idea for Christmas, birthday, birthday, boyfriend, girlfriend. {buy here}

Giant Fist Kool Can Kooler

Description: Walk around holding your beverage with this Giant Fist Kool Can Kooler. It’s truly a beverage holder that packs a punch! {buy here}

Bag of Farts Bag – Bag of Unicorn Farts

Description: Bag of Farts Bag – Bag of Unicorn Farts. Brighten up someone’s day with the unique experience of a bag of unicorn-themed cotton candy. This unforgettable gift exudes a playful feel of a little magic. {buy here}

Fred & Friends Serving Tray Taco – Taco Truck

Description: You’re in luck there’s a new food truck in town, and it’s parked right next to you drive fred’s taco truck up to your messiest eater and marvel at how it serves the goods. These washable food-safe plastic trucks are a playful addition to your table. {buy here}

Moodycards Cat Lovers Desktop Flipbook Memes

Description: With the Cat Lovers desktop flipbook by Moodycards, you can spread laughter throughout your office without saying a word! Just turn the page and let these cats crack the jokes for you. From tired kitties mewing about Monday to hilariously bad hair days, each photo introduces you to a relatable character. {buy here}

Bald Man’s Comb

Description: For the hairless one in the family, here is the perfect gift!! {buy here}

Decision Paperweight

Description: Can’t make a decision? Spin this humorous, aluminum paperweight to have your challenging questions answered. {buy here}

Wacky Wavy Mini Tube Guy

Description: Your fave car dealership decoration, now in a mini size that fits right on your desk! This little motorized wavy tube guy fills with air and flops around to turn that mid-day slump into a major (or miniature) party. {buy here}

Source: Laughtard.com

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